Developer Superbright continues to refine its already-excellent VR rougelike, In Death: Unchained. This month, it’s publishing a new update with improvements specific to the Quest 2.

Update: Due to a bug, it appears we weren’t comparing the right versions of In Death: Unchained in our video comparison today. We’ve taken the video down and will aim to get a fix up and running for a new video asap. Apologies for the mix up!

Original story: Like many Quest 2 updates, the list of improvements to the latest build are numerous and range in significance. Plus it can be harder to spot side-by-side differences in procedurally generated titles like this. But we do have the expected immediate benefits, like the loss of fixed foveated rendering and updated texture filtering that uses the headset’s improved horsepower to provide slightly sharper scenery.

In Death: Unchained Quest 2 vs Quest 1 Graphics Comparison

But the big change Superbright is keen to point out is the increased draw distance in the game as it now loads the entire world at once. The effect is still somewhat subtle, as In Death already delivered some impressive vistas on Quest, but you’ll be able to see more of the game’s architecture from a distance here, with closer assets appearing in better detail than they did before.

Part of this is owed to the Quest 2’s new fog effect, which Superbright says is a volumetric, multi-layered approach. It’s perhaps the most noticeable effect in the Quest 2 build, with the original version’s more persistent wall of mist providing a more static, simpler form of lighting, whereas Quest 2’s rolling fog gives repeated playthroughs a touch more variety. Overall this update adds some appreciated touches, then,  making it the best way to play the game overall.

You should see the update rolling out to everyone soon. Will you be checking out In Death: Unchained’s graphics update? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: In Death: Unchained Quest 2 vs Quest 1 Graphics Comparison