To everyone’s surprise, Genshin Impact, a mobile game, became a global phenomenon. Since everyone’s on it, why not play with your family, friends, and even complete strangers? It’s not an MMORPG, but it has an online co-op mode. So why play with others if it can be soloed anyway? Read up and find out!

Play Genshin Impact Co-op Mode for Easier Elemental Interactions

A huge part of Genshin Impact’s gameplay is in knowing which elements to use in relation to certain enemies and environmental effects in order to do better in combat or achieve certain results. When it comes to the former, you can’t always expect enemies to be susceptible to whatever elements you have, so you’ll have to swap characters on the fly. Whether it’s going to be a chore or part of the fun depends entirely on you.

However, regardless of your opinion on the character-switching mechanic, it’s undeniable that it would be way easier if either you or other party members are already out and about. Provided that the AI is smart enough to respond to your tactical needs, that is.

But why would you want an AI if you can have a living, breathing human being at your side? Why not someone that knows this aspect of the game as well as you? After all, they wouldn’t be able to get to Adventure Rank 16 if they didn’t. With co-op mode, you’ll no longer have to be constantly switching from one character to another.

For example, you want to freeze a non-Hydro enemy and there isn’t a body of water or rain nearby. Instead of you switching to a Hydro character to wet an enemy and then doing another switch to a Cryo one, you can just have your friend use a Hydro character and him or a Cryo.

Do mind, however, that in co-op mode where there are less than 4 participants, you’ll still have to do some switching. In two-man sessions, both of you will have to swap between two characters. In a three-man one, you’ll have two characters if you’re the host, and one if you’re the guest.

Play Genshin Impact Co-op Mode with Characters You Don’t Have

Genshin Impact is a gacha game. So, what does that have to do with co-op mode? Well, the fact that aside from the characters that you’ll eventually receive through the story mode or certain challenges, it’s not unlikely for you and your friends to have the same exact roster. It may seem like a point of envy, but in co-op mode, it can be a strength.

Say you want to achieve a particular combat strategy. Unfortunately, you don’t have the right character for it. You can always make use of another character you have, right? Wrong!

The attack pattern and abilities of characters, even from those of the same element greatly vary from one another. Diluc and Noelle are completely different despite them both being tanky two-handed sword users. Amber and Xianling are nothing like one another despite being both Pyro. Heck, even Beidou and Razor have the same element, role, and weapon type, yet are worlds apart in gameplay. Long story short, there’s just no substituting it.

This is where co-op mode comes in. Sure, you may not have a particular character whose moves would be most effective in a particular dungeon. That’s alright, because your friend does. Conversely, if your friends are in need of a character they don’t have, you’ll be the one to come straight to their rescue!

Co-Op only content: Now and soon

Last but definitely not least would be co-op only content. For now there’s only just one: the Elemental Crucible. It’s an event that will last only until October 19, so hurry and call your fellow travelers–there’s no time to lose. There, you’ll be shoveling Elemental Clots into the namesake crucible in order to earn bountiful rewards.

Whether there will be a mainstay co-op only content remains to be seen. However, it’s very likely that it will. These days, it’s all about playing with others, and MiHoYo will definitely keep its hot streak burning by riding on that trend. Plus, online co-op always means more replayability. Surely, they want us to keep playing and keep rolling gacha, right?

Conclusion: To Play Genshin Impact Co-op Mode or Not

There’s nothing wrong with being a solo traveler, but don’t count out the joys of sharing Teyvat with others. As the African proverb goes, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Credit: No Lone Traveller: Why You Should Play Genshin Impact Co-op Mode