One of the best VR movies yet released, Spheres, is on its way to Oculus Quest soon.

The movie, which first came to the Oculus Rift in November 2018, has been listed in the Coming Soon section of the Oculus Store. There’s no release date for the piece, though traditionally experiences in the Coming Soon section are listed anywhere between a few days and a few months before their release.

Spheres Oculus Quest Coming Soon

Spheres is an interactive VR documentary of sorts that explores cosmic phenomena. The piece is split into three chapters that each explore different elements of space, from the Big Bang to black holes. Each chapter is also narrated by different A-list talent, including Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain and Patti Smith.

Interestingly, Spheres will also introduce hand-tracking support on Oculus Quest. The app does have some very interesting interactive elements in key moments, after all. The piece is published by CityLights VR and developed by the likes of Novelab and Atlas V. It was written and directed by Eliza McNitt.

We said Spheres was a must-see when it launched two years ago, labeling it “VR’s equivalent to Planet Earth or Blue Planet”. The piece made headlines in early 2018 after landing a seven-figure deal from a premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

“[It’s] a high-production tour de force that will sweep you up in the majesty of the universe around us and leave you wide-eyed and overwhelmed,” we said in our review. “It’s one of the most competent showcases of how VR can truly give you an experience unlike anything else, and it’s not to be missed.”

Credit: Spheres Oculus Quest: VR Movie Going Standalone