Publisher Curve Digital has released a narrated developer walkthrough video for Neon Giant’s upcoming cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent. The five-minute video showcases the game’s co-op mode, as two players engage in firearms combat while traversing the sector known as Cluster 13, one of the areas within the planet’s arcology. The video demonstrates the behavior of the game’s NPC citizens, who interact with objects and flee at the first sign of violence. Also mentioned is the ability to aim lower or higher, essentially allowing for the use of cover.

The Ascent is set in a corporation-run arcology, but The Ascent Group that owned the city and all of its denizens has collapsed. This causes the automated security to run haywire, while other corporations and gangs look to assert control. Players investigate exactly what happened, ascending the arcology while improving their character’s skill and picking up loot. The game’s will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X sometime in 2021.

Credit: The Ascent Gets Developer Walkthrough, Pushed to 2021